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Fix HP LaserJet Calibration Problem

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Beschreibung How to fix calibration problem of HP LaserJet 1510 Series Printer
Autor: omicron
Version 1.5
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The objective of this project is to fix a HP LaserJet CP 1510 Series printer having color calibration issues.

Short version


  • Color calibration of a HP Color LaserJet 1250 Series Printer (e.g. CP 1515n) is not working correctly (see top left part of image)
  • All attempts to fix the problem otherwise have failed:
    • Update to latest firmware
    • Repeated calibration done > 3 times
    • NVRAM reset
    • Reset to Factory defaults from menu
  • The following other attempts were not done:
    • Replace the ITB assembly (cost reasons)
    • Buy set of original HP toner (cost reasons)


  • Get the service manual (Google for "HP Color Laserjet CP1215 CP1515 CP1518 Service Manual")
  • Follow the instructions for removing the Intermediate Transfer Belt (ITB) assembly
  • Turn the ITB assembly upside down
  • Take a photo of all 3 trimmer positions (labelled VR1, VR1 and VR2 on the two PCBs)
  • Find the trimmer labelled VR1 on the right of the two PCBs (the board with 2 trimmers on it)
  • Turn VR1 right (for me 90 degrees worked fine)
  • Follow the instructions of the service manual for re-installing the ITB assembly
  • done


  • This fix will certainly break warranty. Hence, only do it with printers being out of warranty!
  • The fix proved to work for a single CP1515n printer. It may have to be modified for other instances.
  • If changing VR1 on right PCB does not solve the problem, try the other trimmers (But always remember the original state!)
  • When testing the effect of changing the trimmer, you only need to reassemble the following components
    • The ITB itself
    • The print-cartridge drawer stop
    • The Print-cartridge drawer
  • But (as always) be careful not to touch any live parts when the printer is connected to power!