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Wine Rack

Status: stable

Beschreibung Laser Cut Wine Rack
Autor: festi
Version 1.0
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Honey Comb Wine Rack

So I had set aside one shelf in our new IKEA Besta storage cabinet for wine bottles. Unfortunately I could not find a wine rack that fitted in there without wasting too much space. So to the rescue. The new WineRack generator arranges a honey comb pattern of holes on the front wall and renders finger joints and walls to connect to a back wall enclosing each hole with the the six walls of the honey comb. To strengthen the front wall - which is reduced to little more than holes - and to hide the finger joints poking out a second layer is glued onto the front. This makes the wine rack quite good looking - especially when using a nice wood. Mine is made out of Baltic birch plywood as it is available in really good quality. A quick coat of oil gives the final touch.


The holes should probably be around 92mm in diameter to fit most regular wine bottles but as space is limited and most of my bottles were of the narrow type I went with only 82mm diameter and just 4mm material strength to fit 38 bottles (6 x 7) instead of 27 when loosing both a row and a column (5x6).

When building the rack I realized that in the roughly 150 parts are quite a lot. So the generator now supports leaving out the vertical walls or even also all others that do not carry a bottle.