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Zombiebag (en)

Status: stable

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Beschreibung Be prepared!
Autor: stp
Version 1.0
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As the fear of a future uprising of an undead species grows, one of our members is trying to prepare himself. Hackers love to try and create, but sometimes you need the right tools to survive. Preparation and tools available will decide your faith. So start now and take a look at our first version of the Zombiebag. What does it hold and would it enable you to survive. Decide for yourself.

Survival items

Food + accessories

Cloths items

Medical items

  • Waterproof First Aid Kid [included] (A few extra items were added)
  • Athletic Tape [included, essential]
  • Sterile Bandages [included] (Added to First Aid Kid)
  • Various Patches [included, easily reachable]

Technical items

Hygiene items

Misc items

  • Ohropax [reusable] (To stop you from hearing the bones getting crushed)
  • Patafix [reusable, no resedue] (To make anything stick in place)
  • All-Purpose Glue (Correctable)
  • Pens + Paper [included]
  • USB Charger [included]
  • Gore-Tex Jacket [included]
  • Stage Tape [included]
  • Adhesive Tape [included]
  • Sewing set [included]
  • Leather (conference) Briefcase [included]