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Spacecontrol for Android

Status: stable

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Beschreibung Android App to control various Backspace services
Autor: Hydrael
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With this Android app you can control various Backspace services

Available Services

  • Query Backspace status (open/closed and present members)
  • Open and close Backspace door
  • Send text to LED board

Future Services

  • Control Webrelays
  • Backspace internal payment

Source Code

The source code is available on github

Build Instructions

The app was programmed with the Netbeans IDE using the nbandroid plugin.
To build the apk on your own set up the android environment according to the nbandroid documentation, then simply clone the github repo, load the project in netbeans and press F11.
The apk can then be found in the bin subdirectory


Spacecontrol APK

Heres the newest version of the Datei:Spacecontrol.apk