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Status: stable

Beschreibung Bot for our channel #backspace on freenode.
Autor: koomi
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bckspc-bot is a bot for our channel on the freenode IRC network (come visit us!). Written in Haskell, it provides various features to interact with space infrastructure and other handy things detailed below.


bckspc-bot supports the following commands:

Shortcut: i. List the members currently present, as reported by our status API.
!pizza NUM{s,m,h}
Shortcut: p. Alert you in NUM seconds/minutes/hours so you never forget your tasty pizza in the oven again. Default is 15 minutes like the recipe says.
Give NICK one karma point for being awesome.
!karma [NICKS]
Shortcut: k. List each NICK's karma score. If no NICK is supplied, list your score.
!karmatop NUM
List the top NUM karma scorers. Default is 3, maximum is 5.
!alarm MSG
Shortcut: a. Broadcasts MSG in the local network. Other services may display MSG on the Led Board or similar.
!echo [ARGS]
Echo the arguments.

Other features

  • Append "open"/"close" to the topic, depending on whether someone is currently present.
  • Voice members who are currently in the space.


See the Github page for details on configuration options and instructions for operating bckspc-bot yourself.