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bckspc-bot (en)

Status: stable

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Beschreibung Bot for our channel #backspace on freenode.
Autor: koomi, schinken
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bckspc-bot is a bot for our channel on the freenode IRC network (come visit us!). The current bot is written in node.js/javascript and is the descendant of our previous bot, written in Haskell. It provides various features to interact with space infrastructure and other handy things detailed below.


bckspc-bot supports the following commands:

Shortcut: i. List the members currently present, as reported by our status API.
!pizza NUM{s,m,h}
Shortcut: p. Alert you in NUM seconds/minutes/hours so you never forget your tasty pizza in the oven again. Default is 15 minutes like the recipe says.
Give NICK one karma point for being awesome.
!karma [NICKS]
Shortcut: k. List each NICK's karma score. If no NICK is supplied, list your score.
!karmatop NUM
List the top NUM karma scorers. Default is 3, maximum is 5.
!alarm MSG
Shortcut: a. Broadcasts MSG in the local network. Other services may display MSG on the Led Board or similar.
!echo [ARGS]
Echo the arguments.

Other features

  • Append "open"/"close" to the topic, depending on whether someone is currently present.
  • Voice members who are currently in the space.


See the Github page for details on configuration options and instructions for operating bckspc-bot yourself.