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CNC Made Seal (en)

Status: unstable

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Beschreibung Delicate milling
Autor: stp
Version 0.1
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Source soapstone material

As raw material we use soapstone. Our soapstone specifically sourced and is free from asbestos. The main machine used for engraving the signet our CNC machine. We engrave a unique emblem or logo into a prepared piece of soapstone. Soapstone is used due to its soft material, which is great for CNC usage, and its resistance to heat, water and sealing wax. This is especially needed during the sealing process involving higher temperatures.


Straightening rough/uneven edges
Ready to be engraved!

As a preparatory step we split the bigger soapstone blocks into small plates, which are easier to handle and mount within the CNC machine. The soapstone is basically cut from the source material with a wood saw. Rough and uneven edges are grinded and straightened to make handling and mounting easier afterwards.


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Failure - Amulet

Finished engraving \o/

test sealing wax too deeply engraved -> sealing wax stuck

Filled with hard sealing

got stuck

Sanded down into amulet shape

grinding down into amulet form made amulet out of it

Success - Seal/Signet

Sealing works \o/
Even more!

Last look

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