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Version vom 19. August 2015, 23:36 Uhr von Stp (Diskussion | Beiträge) (Due to technical issues with the Skyhook software we are temporarily closing down our ATM)
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Bitcoin ATM (en)

Status: stable

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Beschreibung Get Bitcoins, while enjoying our other projects
Autor: stp
Version v0.9
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Bitcoin ATM is temporarily unavailable

Due to technical issues with the Skyhook software we are temporarily closing down the operation of our ATM until further notice. We are really sorry for this to happen, but we will not compromise on security and usability for our users.

Integrated Open Source Bitcoin ATM

We finally got our Bitcoin ATM integrated into our hackerspace.
It's a cash to Bitcoin machine (more like a Bitcoin vending machine) and accepts 5, 10, 20€ notes.
!No 50, 100, 200, 500€ notes unfortunately!

There are still some LEDs missing, but it's working great and you can get Bitcoins for cash while visiting our location. If you just wanna try it out, you can easily do so. Just scan our donation QR-Code and insert the cash you want to donate.
It's an open-source Bitcoin ATM from Projectskyhook. We added a custom frontend and integrated the voltage converter (230-110) into the inside. Additionally we added some instructions to help out new users and make donations possible. For privacy reasons we added a cover for the camera (can easily be opened for operation). To make maintainance easier we added a drawer like mechanism and added a few security features.

Price for bitcoins is dynamically calculated from Kraken.com + 4.2%. Minimum price is at 389.23€ right now.

Disclaimer: The Bitcoin ATM is called ATM out of convenience. It takes cash and distributes Bitcoins. It is only a testinstallation right now and won't process more than 100€ at a time and more than 25 transactions per month. It is operated by the SeeTheProgress UG (haftungsbeschränkt) and all activities related to it are not handled by the backspace e.V. itself. For any inquiries please contact the operator at "btc-atm (at) seetheprogress.net".